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Steampunk Picnic brings life back to the League-Kempner House

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

It took a lot of hours and helping hands to get the grounds ready for our first event, but all the hard work was worth it. We think we had just as much fun as our guests did!

The afternoon started with guests arriving in Model T electric golf carts from Carriage Haus Rentals. It was quite a sight to see them all lined up in the driveway. Knowing what a huge car enthusiast J. C. League was, we think he would have been pleased.

In addition to picnicking, guests also had the opportunity to play games on the lawn, including the popular Victorian hoop tossing game Graces, and Alice in Wonderland themed croquet, complete with flamingo mallets and hedgehog croquet balls. Jo told a few fortunes with a custom Steampunk-themed card deck, and bubble wands kept things festive.

And of course, guests jumped at the chance to take a self-guided tour of the house, where Janie, Leticia, and volunteers were on hand to answer questions and help people find their way around (it's easy to get lost in the house until you've visited a few times).

After the picnic, guests hopped in their Model T's and drove off through the gates to take a driving tour highlighting other grand Victorian houses and buildings on the island. Driving through the gates sounds simple enough, but check out these videos to see what it took to make that happen!


Use the arrows to scroll through pictures of the Steampunk Picnic

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